proven results

In a third-party pilot study, 90% of participants showed improvements in sleep quality. 

no grogginess

Our proprietary terpene blend is the key to our low cannabinoid formulation that doesn’t produce a high or leave you feeling groggy the next day.

tested and endorsed

Endorsed by leading sleep expert Dr. Michael Soler, and always rigorously tested for safety and consistency.

Testimonials from Study Participants

In a pilot study of the effectiveness of Sanna Sleep, participants provided powerful feedback.

Subject 16

Pilot Study

“When I take the capsules 30 minutes prior to sleep I fall asleep and stay asleep for at least 6 hours. This has never happened since I had children.“

Subject 1

Pilot Study

“Wow. Much better sleep — fall asleep faster and stay asleep”

Subject 17

Pilot Study

“Fantastic product!! Am telling all my friends!!

We all have sleep issues!!”

Subject 5

Pilot Study

“I feel less anxious in the morning.”


The Role of CBD

Think of CBD as the initial welcome to sleep, easing anxiety, and calming the mind. There is evidence that CBD modulates adenosine, facilitating relaxation, and binds to the 5-HT1a serotonin receptor, mitigating feelings of stress.


The Role of CBN

CBN has its own sedative qualities, and plays a role in enhancing the effects of other cannabinoids. Research has found that the combination of CBN with low levels of THC produce higher levels of drowsiness than either on their own. The hemp-extracted cannabinoids in Sanna Sleep include only minimal levels of THC – under 0.3% by weight.


Our Proprietary, Patent-pending Terpene Blend

The real key to our highly effective, low THC formulation is our proprietary terpene blend, Remniol™. This painstakingly crafted combination of terpenes works with the rest of the formulation to elicit powerful, sleep-positive effects. This amplifying effect is what allows us to use lower levels of cannabinoids to achieve maximum results. Less cannabinoid content means less chance of grogginess, headaches, heaviness.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It..

In October 2020 Discovery Wellness Labs conducted an independent pilot study that examined the effectiveness and safety of Sanna Sleep. 24 adult subjects took Sanna Sleep for 7 days and were assessed using a range of standardized indices. The results were pretty clear:

92% Said Sanna Sleep Helped

92% of the participants in the study felt that Sanna Sleep had some degree of positive effect on their sleep experience.

22 out of 24 Plan to Keep Using It

When asked if they would continue to use Sanna Sleep after the 7 day trial, 22 of the 24 participants said that they would.

Sleep Quality Improved 83% Overall

The CDC Health-related Quality of Life measure was used to assess specific factors, and Sleep Quality was assessed as improving by 83%.

How to Get Sanna Sleep

Online Store Launching Soon

We’ll be launching online sales of Sanna Sleep for customers in the US in March 2021 on this site. Sanna Sleep is available through Dr. Michael F. Soler in Puerto Rico.

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